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BOXERINA Dream Girl: From City to Jungle

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Blakely Stein Robertson, aka Jungle Soul Mama, lives and breaths all aspects of vibrant living and truly embodies the BOXERINA ethos.  She started cooking at an early age, creating unique and delicious meals.  She graduated from the French Culinary Institute, worked in a 4-star Italian restaurant in New York City, and ran her own catering/private chef business in Colorado. She is also a certified yoga instructor and mother to three gorgeous children.

Today, an avid surfer, dancer, BOXERINA and yogi, Blakely owns and manages an oceanfront farm and bed and breakfast with her husband and family in the jungle of Costa Rica called Rancho Cannatella; serving her guests and family nutritionally dense, homegrown, plant based soul-nourishing meals. She is passionate about planting, growing, and harvesting organic fruits and vegetables; creating meals with living foods to energize and heal the body and mind. 

Blakely and Danielle grew up together in Jacksonville, FL and have been best friends since middle school. The two were inseparable; always active and inspiring eachother to push BOXERINA boundaries, both on and off the trackfield. After years apart, they reunited when Blakely attended Danielle's first BOXERINA retreat at Hotel Esencia in Mexico. Blakely instantly connected with the movement. Needless to say, Blakely and Danielle picked up exactly where they left off.

Blakely will be contributing monthly workouts and recipes to BOXERINA to keep our bodies and minds nourished and filled with soul. Read Danielle's recent interview with Blakely below and be sure to try her Citrus Coconut Elixir recipe.

What brought you to Costa Rica?

As a young child I had always dreamed of living on the beach, surfing and riding horses.  I would rent both the Blue Lagoon movies from Blockbuster almost every weekend; amazed and inspired by the simplicity of island living.  I won a Surf Trip for 2 to Costa Rica in a silent auction while catering a big event in Colorado. A two week surf trip changed may life forever. I knew when I surfed for the first time and walked this land -- especially here in Pavones-- that this was my home.  I've been living here almost 8 years now and cant imagine living anywhere else.  You embody the BOXERINA ethos. You’re sensitive and maternal and also powerful and unstoppable. How would you describe your yin-yang dynamic and why do you identify as a BOXERINA?  I absolutely love and identify with the Boxerina ethos on many different levels. Recognizing the light and dark in everything and everyone has allowed me to step into my power as an individual, as a mother, as a wife, as a business owner and as surfer who loves and respects the ocean. Finding the balance between the two and accepting that somedays the ocean will be wild and messy and others perfect and glassy. I thrive equally from surfing overhead waves to meditating on the beach at sunrise.  Both crispy, salty plantains and a sweet pink papaya give me equal amounts of joy. Finding beauty in duality and learning from both sides has been deep medicine for my soul. Basking in the sunshine naked to curling up on the couch in sweats in a rain storm both fuel me. I’m definitely more Yang by nature, but am charged and constantly inspired by the Yin. Boxerina continues to remind me to embrace and celebrate both the Yin and Yang inside me and in the world around me . 

What’s your philosophy on fitness and wellness and what movements in addition to BOXERINA do you love ?

I've always stayed active from barrel racing, track, weight training and yoga. Since moving to Costa Rica I have fallen in love with surfing, dancing, skating and boxing. My philosophy is to keep changing it up, move everyday, give your self time to rest and listen to what your body needs. Somedays I want to train hard, surf big waves and work all day. Other days, a walk on the beach, yoga and a nap is what my body needs. When I tune in and listen to what my body actually needs in both food and movement is when I start seeing results, not only physically, but also on a spiritual level.   What mantra do you live by?

Always go back to gratitude for everyone and everything in your life. Breath work is transformational.  Movement is medicine. Vibrant food is imperative. Mental health is crucial.  Keep doing the work every damn day Celebrate the little things. Love fiercely, learn from your elders and youngins. Never give up and keep forgiving yourself.  Let go of what you cannot control. You can only control how you react not anyone else.  I'm about to embark on Motherhood! I'm 17 weeks 4 days as I write this: How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood has given me a purpose more than any other mission in my life. It has allowed me to tap into a primal instinct inside that I always knew was there, but had never embraced until birthing my babies. Motherhood has taught me to be more impeccable with my word, discerning in my relationships, stricter with my boundaries in all aspects of my life and to feed my body the highest vibrational foods and movements Motherhood has made me a better person as my kids are watching and listening to every move and word that comes our of my mouth. My kids have given me a new purpose to keep working hard for their future, but also for all of mankind.  What is a struggle you’ve coped with recently that movement and your BOXERINA mentality has helped you overcome?

Running a business, farm and family has me managing people, food, gardens, animals, and solving problems daily. I am pulled in many directions and sometimes get spun out on all of it. The stress has made me sick in the past when I let it go too far without taking care of myself. The BOXERINA mentality continues to remind me that movement is imperative for my sanity and wellbeing. Staying centered and grounded for all that comes my way, the Yin and Yang, the light and the dark, the joy and the struggle, to find the beauty in it all and to never give up.  You’re the most unbelievable chef! I know from firsthand experience What is an easy quick recipe (drink or snack) you recommend all BOXERINAS try? Danielle, I love you and want to cook for you and Baby Z soon!  I love to create dishes from the freshest homegrown fruits and vegetables. My absolute favorite go to beverage before and after workout is a simple adrenal and electrolyte tonic. I've included the recipe below as well as my favorite energizing snack. Citrus Coconut Elixir Fresh coconut water with fresh squeezed orange juice. Here in Costa Rica  I use the water of 2 young coconuts or 1 16 oz bottle/can with the juice of 1-2 oranges depending how juicy they are. In the morning upon waking I start with lime water and then on to my Citrus Coconut Elixir.

Jungle Soul Bliss Balls Ingredients:  2 handfuls of pitted dates ( 8-10) 2 handfuls of shredded coconut  2 handfuls of each pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds 1 TB of tahini or almond butter Splash of herbal tea 1 TB of plant based protein powder 1 tsp maca Dash of cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt  Process dates first and set aside. Then process seeds, add dates back in with seasonings. If too dry add a splash of herbal tea or nut milk. Roll into balls and store in a sealed glass container in the freezer. 

You can find Blakely on instagram at @jungle_soul_mama and @rancho_cannatella_pavones

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Photos by Ali Kaukas